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SkinTyte Therapy for Pain Relief

Clinical results and patient testimonials have shown that the SkinTyte technology can be effective in treating muscle, tendon and joint pain. This treatment should be effective in treating minor sports injuries, repetitive motion injuries, arthritis and even fibromyalgia.

The exact science behind this method of pain relief is a bit of a mystery, but the theory is that the Broad Band spectrum of red and infrared light combined with a high level of energy can heat a treatment area and infiltrate into the tissue. This process increases overall circulation to the treatment area, reduces nerve pain and helps with the cellular turnover necessary to help repair the damaged tissue.

  • Each treatment takes approximately 10 minutes and feels like a warm therapeutic massage.

  • Large areas can be treated in a single session which allows our providers to treat several muscles and joints at the same time.

  • Most patients report that they are “pain free” within 1-2 treatments while others require a longer series.

  • Touch up (maintenance) treatments may be necessary

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