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Suffering from unsightly and painful Keloids and scars? Now there is a revolutionary treatment for relief. Clinically proven! FDA cleared!

Developed by a plastic surgeon, CryoShape is a breakthrough hand-held cryosurgical instrument for destroying deep tissue through intralesional intervention utilizing an extremely cold cryoprobe.

The CryoShape probe effectively treats Keloids and Hypertrophic scars via direct treatment of the deep scar material as well as an increased freezing area along the entire scar.
Unlike other procedures, CryoShape requires only one session to significantly reduce scar volume – with minimal discomfort and recovery and no pigmentation changes of the surrounding skin.

Dramatic Results

The innovative CryoShape concept freezes scars from the inside out, providing penetration to deep tissues typically out of reach of other methods. Comprehensive clinical and evidence-based studies on patients clearly show dramatic and immediate post-operative improvement in quality of like characteristics following a single treatment. This includes significant and permanent relief from:

  • Pruritis

  • Pain/tenderness

  • Induration

  • Erythema

  • And with original skin color preserved without hypopigmentation

Take a look at some Before / After pictures of patients who underwent CryoShape and see the results for yourself:

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