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Sunetics Laser for Hair Loss

30 million women and 50 million men suffer from excessive hair loss. This can be a distressing problem that can affect confidence and self-esteem. As you age, a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) begins to attack your hair follicle, choking off the oxygen and nutrients to grow strong healthy hair. As your hair falls out, you notice the hairs grow back thinner and thinner. Eventually, the hair will permanently be gone and the follicle will die. Traditional non-invasive treatments require you to take a drug such as Propecia (finasteride) or use a topical medication such as Rogaine (minoxidil) every day for the rest of your life. Propecia generally does not work for women (and is not safe at all in pre-menopausal women) and is found to have increasing negative potentially permanent sexual side effects for men. More invasive treatments such as hair transplants and PRP require costly, painful surgery or the use of needles. These are also not permanent solutions. At The Bellevue Laser & Cosmetic Center, we offer the safe and effective Sunetics Laser to treat hair loss. This technology offers No Pain, No Drugs, No Surgery, and No Side Effects!

How does the Sunetics Laser work?

The Sunetics Laser uses FDA approved Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to stimulate the hair follicles, healing them and helping them to regrow thick, normal sized hairs.

Physiological Benefits

  • Improves blood micro-circulation to the follicle

  • Increases the nutrient acquisition by the follicle

  • ​Increases the rate of removal of harmful DHT

  • Increases oxygen uptake

  • ​Decreases follicle inflammation



After 3 months

After 8 months

Cellular Benefits​

  • ​Improves cellular metabolism and protein synthesis

  • Increases the production of ATP to energize and repair the weakened follicle

  • Increases cellular stimulation of the follicle

  • Increases the mobilization of calcium ions

3 Stages of Results:

  1. ​Prevents Hair Loss: Prevents further hair loss by stabilizing the hair and reducing shedding and thinning. (around month 3 of treatment)

  2. Improves Hair Quality: Makes the existing hair thicker, fuller, stronger, shinier, and healthier. (around month 3 of treatment)

  3. Grows Hair: The diminished (or miniaturized) hairs start to regrow into normal, thick, full sized hairs. (around month 6 of treatment)



After 12 months

What’s the Treatment Like?

Each Sunetics treatment session takes 20 minutes. You simply sit under a lamp. There is no operator and there is no pain and no downtime. Some people experience very mild tingling at the end of the session. To achieve maximum benefit from this program it is important to adhere to the prescribed regimen and treatment protocols. The term of the Sunetics Laser Hair Growth Therapy treatment program is one year.

12 Month Treatment Program:

  • Phase One: Two treatments per week for 12 weeks

  • Phase Two: One treatment per week for 12 weeks

  • Phase Three: Two treatment per month for 6 months

*Allow 1 day in between treatments*​



After 6 months

After 12 months, we recommend monthly treatments for maintenance. The Sunetics laser is effective for female and male pattern hair loss at the crown of the scalp. It may not help bitemporal recession. It is not approved for treatment of alopecia areata or hair loss caused by inflammation of the scalp. Give us a call to schedule your Sunetics laser consultation!

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