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Lip Enhancement

Whether you have always wished for fuller lips or have noticed that your lips are getting thinner with age, plumping up your lip volume with Juvederm, Restylane, or Belotero is a fantastic solution. Our providers specialize in lip augmentation and strive for the perfectly balanced, well-proportioned lip: “No one should know you had your lips done. I strive for a beautiful, natural-looking mouth. There will be no duck lips that leave this office!”

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The below picture is the same person in the video.




Engagement Photo

“Nobody does lips like Dr. Chiu! Not blessed with naturally luscious lips, I have had many different providers over the last 10 years work on my lips but nobody was able to give me exactly the “look” I had envisioned until I met Dr. Chiu I could tell that she had that “artistic eye” right away! No one else had ever explained to me that there is a specific ratio between the top and bottom lip that needs to be achieved for the most aesthetically pleasing results. Dr. Chiu actually listened when I described to her what specific shape I wanted my lips to have, and that is exactly what she gave me! She is a true perfectionist and it is obvious that she has a great passion for what she does. In me, she has a patient for life. No other provider will ever lay hands on my lips ever again!
Thanks Dr. Chiu for giving me the lips I had always dreamed of just in time for my engagement photo session! What gorgeous photos they turned out to be!
-Stef, Seattle, WA”

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